• Adam: "v koreni koreň" (2021)
  • Adam: "v koreni koreň" (2021)
  • Adam: "v koreni koreň" (2021)

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Adam: "v koreni koreň" (2021)

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v koreni koreň


limited edition print

26.7 x 39 cm

series of 25 + 2AD

signed and numbered in verso

not framed


"In botany, a rhizome is a term used for the stem of a plant."

Usually found underground, its roots spread out in many directions. With this image in mind, rhizomatic learning suggests that learning is a multi-dimensional process with no defined beginning or end. Similarly, "queer ecology" refers to a perspective which views nature, biology, and sexuality read through the lens of queer theory. Abolishing rigid boundaries between and within species, living and nonliving, and organism and environment. Envisioning a liquid life, a mesh, an opened concatenation of interrelations that blur any separations.

Adam (*1996, Bratislava) is a Slovak artist based in Athens, Greece. After leaving microbiology studies at MUNI, they finished their BA studies at FaVU VUT (Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology). Their works, usually illustrations, focus on various social issues, including feminism and queer culture. They draw inspiration from nature, underground anarchist zine culture, comics, queer feminist sci-fi and fantasy, street art and cartoons. Find out more in our interview!

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